Creek Club Room

Rental Availability

May 15 - September 15

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

From Memorial Day through Labor Day:

  • No weekend rentals
  • Limited availability for small-group, daytime events

September 15 - May 15

7 Days

Pricing Information

  • Weekday Rental
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  • $150/Hour
  • 2 Hour Minimum
  • Weekend Rental
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  • $185/Hour
  • 3 Hour Minimum

WEEKDAY = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday  |  Friday before 5pm

WEEKEND = Friday after 5pm |  Saturday & Sunday

Maximum Capacity: 113*

  • CCR is not available for pool parties.
  • Parties must end at midnight.
  • Proper Dress Required.
  • Consumption of SCC alcohol is not included.
  • Full guest charges for non-Members will be additional for tennis/paddle parties. No additional guest fees for non-members if the party is not a tennis/paddle party.

*The maximum capacity limit does not reflect current restrictions. Please contact the office for more information.