Membership Information

Salt Creek is a private club which welcomes newcomers as space permits.  These are the current costs to join Salt Creek:

  1.  A non-refundable wait-list fee of $500.00, applied to annual dues upon club admission;
  2.  Annual dues: $3,000.00
  3.  Initiation fee: $1,000.00
  4.  New Member Equity: $4,055.00**

New members will be billed $7,555.00 at the time of purchase (Dues, Initiation, and Equity less the wait-list fee).  All costs are subject to change.

Upon an opening of a membership position, prospective members will have 14 (fourteen) days to submit completed paperwork and all costs.  If not completed, the membership position will be offered to the next applicant on the list.

**Upon your resignation from SCC, a portion (currently $3,705.00; costs subject to change) of your equity will be returned if you have completed 3 (three) full years of membership. Resignation before 3 (three) full years of membership will result in forfeiture of all equity.

Member Annual Fees

Annual membership dues are payable each year by February 1st, and is owed for each year of membership.  Additional usage fees associated with activities such as swim, tennis, paddle tennis, and social events, are billed separately. There are no court fees.

August Privileges for Waitlist Applicants

Reinstated for 2021 season!

Waitlist applicants have an opportunity to use the club and facilities from August 1st through the end of the swim and tennis (excludes platform tennis) season for $400, plus any applicable usage fees associated with activities, lessons or events.

Paddle Privileges for Waitlist Applicants

We are also offering families that accept the August waitlist club privileges to continue their use of the Club into the paddle tennis season.  For an additional $400, you and your family may enjoy use of the paddle courts, paddle lessons, social events, and leagues (if space permits).  (Lessons, leagues and social events fees additional.)

August/Paddle privileges are not offered to a waitlist family once a membership invitation has been offered and declined.

Interested in joining or have questions about Salt Creek Club membership?

Please contact Karen Costanza, Director of Member Services

(630) 323-7890


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