Group Swim Lessons – 2019

SCC Swim Lessons are provided by experienced, Red Cross certified Lifeguards, and are supervised by Head Swim Coach, Charlie Genoar. Classes will be divided by age and skill level, with the ratio of one instructor to three-five students. Lessons start with the goal of teaching the kids comfort in the pool, as well as safe behavior around the pool deck. SCC Instructors set goals for students to achieve in order to advance to the next skill level. Upon learning freestyle and advancing through skill level 4, the student is then ready for SCC’s Pre-Swim Team. There are 10 sessions per summer. Each session is 1 week long, Monday -Thursday, for 45 minutes.

Monday – Thursday
Start Time: 11:30 – 12:15
Cost: $50 per child, per week
Drop-Ins: $55 per child, per week
Avoid drop-in fee, sign-up by the Friday prior to start of session.

Sign-up in advance and save!!
5 Sessions in advance $220
10 Sessions in advance $400

Rain make ups Fridays at 10:20! Lessons will be called off due to thunder, lighting, and low temperature.

2019 Weekly Summer Programs
June 10-13
June 17-20
June 24-27
July 1-3
July 8-11
July 15-18
July 22-25
July 29 – August 1
August 5-9
August 12-15


Students are divided into levels listed below. Students will have to achieve each goal to advance to the next skill level. Progress will be recorded at the end of each day.

Level 1
Head Completely Under Water w/ Bubbles
Float on back (with assistance)
Kick on kickboard (with assistance)

Level 2
Push off wall (unassisted)
Jump in (unassisted)
Kick on back w/ board (with help)
Kick w/ kickboard (unassisted)
Retrieve diving rings from shallow end

Level 3
Complete freestyle arms, can swim to flags
Backstroke kick hugging kickboard (unassisted)
Roll to back for two freestyle breaths
Kick across pool (no help)
Retrieve diving rings from deepest part of lap pool

Level 4
Bent-arm freestyle arms
Can swim across pool
Backstroke kick board above head (unassisted)
Exhale under water while swimming
Bilateral breathing w/ breathing pattern
Standing Dive

Group Swim Lessons